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I'm Lizbeth and I'm the founder of Lucuma Spanish Language Learning. I'm an experienced Spanish tutor, who has helped a variety of people achieve the skills needed to succeed in developing their Spanish language skills.

As a Social Communication officer as well, I've worked in Academic, Journalistic, Political and Human Rights fields, where I've developed my skills in the different uses of Spanish. I hold a Master degree in Communications and Culture, a Bachelor degree in Social Communications and a Diploma of Marketing and Communications. Therefore, I have profound knowledge of the Language on a theoretical level and in practice, including the process of learning a foreign language. 

Additionally, I love to travel! Being from Peru, I've travelled extensively through Latin America and I also lived in Argentina. These experiences gave me the cultural knowledge to help my students to understand how Language works in diverse contexts.

I teach Spanish because I'm passionate about Cultures, History and what people are willing to give to this world. I love the knowledge that has been passed from generations to generations: from our ancestors, our grandparents, our parents, and our community. Language has been always a way of building lasting connections with beautiful human beings. Maybe that's why I'm a lover of Sayings, Proverbs and Idioms that people use to express their perspective of life. I share with you some of these sayings in my account on Instagram and Facebook if you want to start introducing yourself to the Latin world.

I get truly enthusiastic of sharing my latino culture as much as I love connecting with my student's cultural heritage because it's all about stories, your story.

I'm a specialist in tutoring adults, so I understand the particular struggles you have in your learning process. That's why, if you feel unconfident, frustrated and embarrassed using your Spanish skills, I'm here for you. I want to help you to correct this, to get your motivation back and to love this beautiful Language.

Become a confident Spanish speaker. Let's get started!!

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"Language isn't just about speaking, it's also about Culture, History and People"

Would you like to become a confident Spanish speaker?

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