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Lucuma Spanish Values

In Lucuma Spanish we love tolerance with any culture and person. We value generosity, solidarity, mutual respect, perseverance, creativity, freedom, optimism, other people dreams and all humans with humble and huge hearts.

If you’re an explorer who is happy to be alive, you have a sense of joy and sense of humour, then Lucuma Spanish is for you. 


When you sign up to Lucuma Spanish lessons:

  1. The price of any of the Packs are per person. No exceptions.

  2. When you fill the form, I’ll email you to ask the best schedule and way for your learning: Online or Face-to-face. Also we’ll talk about your level in the language.

  3. During your first lesson I take 15 min. to talk about your needs and interests.

  4. The payment has to be done before the first lesson of your pack.

  5. Once your lessons begin, there is no cancelation for any reason. Please, be sure to read these conditions before you sign up or send me an email to solve any question you might have before you start.

  6. The packs of lessons have been thought to commit with your learning. Based on my experience, if you commit from the beginning and avoid excuses to continue with your lessons, you’ll get amazing results with your process. I want you to achieve your desired goals with the language. You are committed and so am I! For that reason, the minimum pack is 4 lessons.

  7. I recognise that sometimes because of work or personal issues, you’ll need to change the time of your lessons after you enroll. I can usually accommodate your needs in case I don’t have another lesson booked. You can email me with your requirement. Likewise, after you sign up, you’ll receive my direct phone number to contact me in those cases.

  8. Lessons are always held speaking both English and Spanish to help new learners improve comprenhension, unless you specific ask for just Spanish.

  9. My promise is to give you the best of my abilities to teach you all you need to speak and understand the Spanish language. If you feel I didn’t delivered in my promise or you don’t feel you get value, email me to before deadline (second lesson of your first booking) and I’ll promptly start the process to refund the money you’ve paid me under these conditions less any admin fees.

  10. Deadline to Apply for Refund. There's a strict deadline to obtain a refund. You must be a Lucuma Spanish learner in any level. The deadline is 24 hours before starting your second lesson from your first pack booked (this might be 6 days after your first lesson in your first purchased pack). After you had your second lesson, there's not possibility to apply for refund. The reason of the deadline is because these lessons have been created to work in the best way for you and I want you to start your learning immediatly. We also appreciate everyone's time, so as soon as we agree with these conditions, we can start working. I want you to feel comfortable and content in the following lessons. 

  11. All refunds are within the Lucuma Spanish’s sole discretion as to whether to grant or deny the refund request. I'll ask you what didn't work for you, so I can learn and improve.

  12. Please, don't purchase the lessons if you "just want to try". I put time and effort to give you the best service, so this is for serious and genuine learners only.


If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

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