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Image by Steinar Engeland

Planning on travelling to Latin America or Spain and wanting to learn / develop your Spanish - speaking skills?

Or maybe you've met the love of your life and this person speaks Spanish?

Has anyone offered you a job in a Spanish speaking country?

Are you simply wanting to pursue a new hobby?

Or perhaps you've just been thinking of practicing your conversational skills with a native Spanish speaker?

If so, I can help you reach your desired goals, no matter what your current level is

– be it beginner, intermediate or advanced! With me you will learn what you need.


I'll maximise your learning, focusing on your conversational skills to improve your Spanish expressions for real life situations. 

I'll help you develop the confidence to live and communicate with locals in all Spanish speaking countries.

¿Te gustaría empezar ya?

Would you like to start right now?


Using expressions or idioms in the local Language can open doors you've never imagined.


Asking for transport, directions, your favourite coffee or perhaps for a couple of beers during your trip can make the difference if you say it in Spanish. This is essential for customer service and mixing with local cultures.


Make it real in your travel experience and express yourself in this beautiful Latin Language.


I know that sometimes you feel that your vocabulary isn't enough to work for Spanish speaking organisations or even in a Spanish speaking country. But no worries!

These lessons focus on Language used in a professional environment and I'll help you to make your presentations, improve your vocabulary, create resumes, write business letters or e-mails. I'll help you how to deal with people from a diverse range of hierarchies.


If you're doing business in those countries, learn how to use the protocols in your new Language.



Let's do it!

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