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There's not greater freedom than knowledge

What are Lucuma Spanish lessons?

Lucuma Spanish lessons are ONLINE or FACE-TO-FACE private individual lessons developed by me, Lizbeth. I'm a native Spanish tutor from Peru, who has plenty of experience teaching adults in Australia. I'm especialist making adults speak the language properly, catering every lesson according to your needs, interests and goals.

“For it matters not how small the beginning may seem to be: what is once done well is done forever.”

― Henry David Thoreau

“Puesto que no importa cuán pequeño parece algo en su comienzo: lo que se hace bien tiene efectos eternos”

― Henry David Thoreau

Why have you called your lessons "Lucuma Spanish"?

I've called my lessons “Lucuma Spanish” because Lucuma is linked to my origin and the way I understand your learning process.


Apart from being one of my favourite fruits, this "Gold of the Incas" grows only in Peru and other few countries in Latin America. It’s a fruit that represents creation and fertility. It also needs to be processed before you enjoy it. You can’t eat the fresh fruit directly, you prepare it first and use it to show all its potential like ancient cultures did. Its flavour is bitter if you try it fresh but creamy sweet after you cook it. You eat Lucuma in ice cream, desserts or with your coffee and hot choc. The results are unique.

I think metaphorically speaking, it means also that learning a language is a process like eating Lucuma. You can not learn it in one bite and it’s ok. It’s an unique journey and you need to know the general aspects of it but also to know how people use it and how you can immerse in this world to taste it. Spanish language like Lucuma needs time, patience and  joy to be in all its potential. The results are absolutely worth it.

How does it work?

The lessons are one-to-one weekly lessons:


Online lessons are live sessions given through Zoom, Skype or Google meeting. This service is for 60 min individual private lessons.


Face-to-face lessons are given on the Gold Coast, Queensland, in a place we both arrange before your first lesson. This service is for 60 min individual private lessons.

Please read Lucuma Spanish values & conditions

Are these lessons right for me?



If you’re totally new in the language, feeling scared of pronouncing even a word in another language. If it's the first time you're immersing yourself in the Spanish world. Or if you just simply know that you can speak Spanish but you don't know how to start. So, YES! You’re choosing the right lessons. I know how you can speak Spanish from first class and to be a company for you in all your learning process. I’ve been tutoring beginners since I started my teaching. So, I know what you're looking for. Definitely, you’re in the right place.



If you feel that you have too many words in Spanish and you're confused and overwhelmed with all the verbs and grammar you have learned, YES! you’re in the right place. I know how to organize all that knowledge and make you speak Spanish properly. I’m here to make your confidence stronger to practice your conversational skills.



If you know how to communicate in Spanish because you've learned it on your own or during your trip to Latin America or Spain but you still do feel unconfident to speak with natives, then YES! These lessons are for you. I’ve been encouraging adult learners for years to make them better in their Spanish skills. I’ll help you use the expressions in the way natives do. I’ve been a second language learner myself as well. So, I know your struggles, frustrations and the insecurity you feel using your new language. I’m here to placate your fears and brush up your conversational skills.

These lessons have been made for you.

Can I read other learners opinions?

Yes, please. Do it.  The best way to know how I work and what I can give you with my lessons is to know the opinion from my current and past students. If you resonate with their testimonials, for sure you’re the kind of learner I want to meet. See other learners' review here.

When do Lucuma Spanish lessons start?

You can start anytime. As soon as you book your lessons, I contact you to schedule the time and day suit the best for you. As well as, the best way you want to use: Online or Face-to-face.

How much do Lucuma Spanish lessons cost?

The investment for your lessons is:


*Harvesting Online Pack 16 lessons - $719 (you get 10% discount to boost your commitment)

*Flowering Online Pack 8 lessons - $399

*Seeding Online Pack 4 lessons - $200

*First Online Introductory Offer (If it's the first time you're taking lessons with me, this option has been designed for you. It's valid only for your first class, just for new students) - $50


*Harvesting Face-to-face Pack 16 lessons - $939 (you get almost 10% discount to boost your commitment)

*Flowering Face-to-face Pack 8 lessons - $519 

*Seeding Face-to-face Pack 4 lessons - $260

*First Face-to-face Introductory Offer (If it's the first time you're taking lessons with me, this option has been designed for you. It's valid only for your first class, just for new students) - $65

If you want to purchase/book lessons for your loved-one, please click to see my Gift certificates

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