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"My Spanish has improved exponentially with help from Lizbeth. She finds a way to sprinkle fun stuff, like colloquialisms and cultural info, into topics that would otherwise be dry, like grammar and structure. She is always happy to answer the questions I accumulate between classes, and work our classes around the topics I need. In class I often feel really challenged, but completely supported and never judged. And we always have a lot of fun and laughs. Within our first ten classes, I grew from a person who was terrified to speak this second language out loud, to someone who actively seeks out conversation opportunities with fluent speakers.

Muchas gracias Lizbeth!"

Sarah C. / Master university student, Yoga teacher  & a "mantequilla" word lover

Liz is a great language teacher! Over the last few months of lessons, I have noticed my understanding of the Spanish language increase tenfold. Liz is a fun and knowledgeable professora and I look forward to my classes each week. She is always very professional and patient and is quick to respond to any questions. I would highly recommend Liz to Spanish learners of any level!"

Matt F. / Financial advisor, respected craft beer taster & skilled surfist

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I can honestly say that Liz has been one of the best teachers I’ve had over the years. She makes you feel super comfortable and creates a safe place to converse in a new language. She is a very dedicated teacher, always providing extra home work if wanted and coming up with interesting things to talk about and practice during class. Having lessons with Liz doesn’t feel like a chore, it’s fun and enjoyable. She has given me so much confidence, particularly with speaking and I look forward to many more classes together."

Megan D. / Engineer, future Yoga teacher & experienced traveller

I'm a university student studying Spanish at an intermediate level at UQ, and desperately needed a tutor to help with my final exam. Liz was extremely helpfull with helping me prepare, she was very relaxed and friendly with her approach, but also very professional and knowledgeable.

Thanks so much for helping me to pass the exam!

Whether your just starting to learn Spanish for the first time or need a tutor to help you with your studies, I can definetly recommend Liz and look forward to doing more lessons in the future".

Luke W. / University student, Underwater archeologist & a "cenotes" hunter

Matt F./Financial advisor, Craft beer taster & surfing lover

Image by Alexandra Mirgheș

Liz is such an amazing teacher and I had so much fun learning about the language and culture. Lessons were always interesting and suited to me and how I wished to use the language in future. Starting out as someone who knew nothing, I can't believe the progress in under a year. Liz, you are such a wonderful listener, friend and person. I am so grateful to have met you and hope to find my way back to learning more Spanish with you in future!"

Sarah G. / Adm officer, daring learner & a Road-trips lover

Liz is a fantastic teacher. She is patient, thorough and caters for your learning. I would definitely recommend Liz to others interested in learning Spanish."

Ayesha D. / Business owner, "asado" explorer &  a Sense-of-humour CEO

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Liz has been my Spanish teacher the whole of last year and helped make some serious progress. The first thing that strikes you is her bonhomie. She has thirst for life and sharing her knowledge and high work ethics. Liz is one of those persons you want in your circle, totally devoid of malice and only sees the bright side of life and truly wants you to improve continuously. I have no hesitation recommending Liz in any capacities as she is very adaptable...”

— Marcel/Business owner, Spanish food connoisseur & talented swimmer

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I have been taking private spanish classes with Liz for approximately 12 months and if I could use one word to describe her classes it would be “fantastic”. Liz has a great way in which she teaches Spanish with focus on pronunciation and expanding your vocabulary through a variety of practical activities.
I would recommend anyone wishing to learn Spanish or take their Spanish to the next level, contact Liz, she is the right teacher for you.”

— Michael/ Business owner, loving dad & Latin American culture follower

I have had lessons with Liz for six months, having never learnt a 2nd language before she simplified the translations for me and worked with me at my own pace.
I highly recommend her if you are interested in learning Spanish"

— Ben S., 

Expert Traveller, loving UK representative & a generous volunteer


Liz is my Spanish teacher and has helped me immensely with my language journey, Liz is a kind and talented teacher who creates well prepared lessons and makes each class fun and enjoyable, I look forward to every class and would highly recommended her to others.”

— Shayne G., Physical therapist, Three languages speaker & a Surfing lover

Image by Cédric Frixon
Image by Ibrahim Razzan

I have been learning Spanish with Liz for 6 months now and am impressed with her level of dedication in assisting me to learn Spanish. She is very astute and enthusiastic in her teaching style and has given me the confidence to travel around Latin America and be able to converse with the locals.
This is a dream come true!!
Thanks Lizbeth"

— Jason/Business owner, Meat lover & a Sea explorer

Image by Nikita Kachanovsky

Liz is a very knowledgeable Spanish teacher. She individualises lessons and lesson plans to your specific needs and requests. Liz has given me lots of tips around basic conversations both listening and reply correctly. I have began at a basic level wanting to use my skills for engaging with locals whilst travelling. I am enjoying learning so much and hope to move with her to higher levels. Thank you Liz!"

— Diane/Dissabilty worker, Huge heart community member &  a Flat white lover

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